DeSimone Real Estate

Selling a property

Bringing the tools, tech, and skills to maximize your experience

- Connect

- Accountability

- Agility

- Execute


We are partnering with you, and let’s face it we should get to know each other better. We’ve yet to walk into a home where the situation was an exact replica of another, your experience is customized to your needs.


We pride ourselves at being your project manager/director of sales/advertising experts. There are multiple people in this process and when hiring us, we understand that it is our job to manage the process from start to finish. You won’t hear us pass the blame.


Whether it’s our digital strategy, our ability to spot micro/macro trends our speed in making crucial decisions, agility has never been as important in our business landscape as it is today.


We train for this. It’s in our company's DNA to make sure that we are at our very best to serve you. The combination of our refined skills and industry-leading technology allows us to perform at our highest level

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